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Bay Area Graphics & Marketing has been offering website design and web services such as website marketing, SEO and even graphic design and printing services to Tampa area businesses since 2001. Affordable, fast, reliable, friendly. We’re the other web designers, making it affordable for small businesses in Florida to get custom web design services that don’t break the bank.

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Bay Area Graphics & Marketing, Tampa Bay, Florida.

Bay Area Graphics & Marketing, Tampa Bay, Florida

About Us
A Look Back to 2008

If you’re trying to find a Website Designer in Tampa, Florida –get ready to be overwhelmed with “options.”  The other day, a friend of mine and I were talking about the real estate market and mostly about how the realtors who used to be in business to make that fast cash, are all but extinct. It made me wonder—though I hesitate to even say it outloud,  “Did the Realtors who left their sales positions in search of a new career go into freelance website design?”Having worked with many in the Real Estate Industry who I considered to be true professionals, and even friends, I learned a lot about what it takes to be an exceptional Realtor. It got to the point however, that up until a couple of years ago (or shall I say when the bottom dropped out) everyone I met had a license to sell real estate yet, “exceptional Realtor” still wasn’t easy to find.—Yet, if you needed just any Realtor you could FIND one anywhere and everywhere. Every neighbor, every business owner—EVERYONE had a license to sell my house! Why? Well, because it sounded like a good idea for many to have a license—and quite frankly it was easy to obtain. Most could be self taught (on-line) and then, simply take the test. At the time few of us knew the effect it would have on that industry. Well—now we know.

Much like the person who knows nothing about real estate, and who must hire someone to sell their home, choosing a website designer when you aren’t knowledgeable of the process can be quite risky. With so many web designers to choose from how do you know where to begin or what to be aware of? If you know nothing about how a website is designed, how will you know what to look for in a website design company? Aren’t all designers equal? Again, just compare this to hiring a realtor. Not all realtors are the same nor do (or did) they offer the same service, even though they provide the same basic service with a specialty thrown in here and there. It’s much the same with website designers. Some have more experience than others, some have special talents or knowledge, some charge less, some will do more for you and some may do just enough to get them by. Some web firms (in the Tampa area) operate out of big buildings and have the big names to match and yet, some may be working out of their converted Florida rooms, and will work harder for a client than the big named firm. You may pay for actual services or you may pay for their fancy cars or offices– Some have too much business and cannot give you the desired attention; some have no business and are going under. Trust me; it’s much of the same game–just a different industry and I think this industry will experience the same as the other (real estate industry.)

There will come a time to seperate the boys from the men or the men from the men or the women from the girls or whatever, but I think soon enough there will be more quality, less quantity because let’s face it, although price matters, stability and quality workmanship counts.

If you find yourself wading through website design firms, freelancers and maybe even your son’s father’s wife’s college daughter’s credentials, in an attempt to get your website updated or designed, there is hope.  Do your homework well, ask questions, and be smart about how you will determine who to hire to build, repair, or market you website. Until the market drops out on website designers—and long after…God willing, I’ll remain…. 🙂

LA Fiore
Bay Area Graphics & Marketing
Since 2001

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