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If you are concerned with the success of your Tampa area small business you will have already learned which modes of advertising are successful. Drawing attention to your small business ad is crucial. Are consumers really picking up those small local papers anymore to find local advertisements? If you are advertising in a local paper, you may think the readership for that local paper is sufficient, but can you truly determine the “open” rate? In other words, a smart business owner could utilize a service such as an online newsletter, E-zine or custom designed email marketing campaign to determine just how many people are… at the very least , opening your advertisement. What about the telephone book (yellow pages?) Are consumers using their telephone book to find your business or as a booster seat for their children or grandkids? All I can say is that the yellow pages serve as a pretty efficient booster seat in my home these days.

With advertising dollars and marketing budgets being scrutinized more now than ever before, it makes sense to work with a reputable Tampa Website Design and Marketing Firm, one that will provide you with a professional, honest opinion as to how to make your small business website for your Tampa Bay business or organization work for you. And most importantly, how to do so at an affordable rate.

Common Sense vs. Dollars and Cents.

Let’s talk dollars and “sense”— that’s common sense. For less than a thousand bucks, you can have a website developed that provides you with an immediate internet presence. For a modest price of one-hundred-fifty dollars a year, you can keep your website hosted providing 24/7 information ads and content for your customers and prospects. That’s probably equivalent to dinner and drinks with friends.

You simply cannot get local print advertising for that amount of money with equal run time. Although some can’t comprehend it, it NEVER makes sense to shut down your website, whether you’re in Tampa, Florida or New York, N.Y. simply to save money. If you’ve shut down your business for good– by all means,  flip the switch on your hosting . Once you’ve paid a website developer to create and launch your Tampa website, it makes sense to keep it updated and working well for you.

Most business owners who are the wiser may be wondering why I would even blog about this subject. Trust me; you would be mortified to know how many Tampa Bay area small business owners who, having been faced with tough times (and even in brighter economic times) will take down their website in an effort to save fifteen dollars monthly in hosting fees.

Quite possibly, some still feel that we’ve really only been digital for a short time when you put it in perspective.  Small businesses survived long before the internet was around, and many people still feel that surely they will survive without a website —if need be. Eventually, the competitor (everyone has one) who maintains their Tampa business website will surge ahead in sales, quite possibly putting their “website-less” (I know it’s not a word) competitor out of business, permanently.

Unless you’re in that very small percentage of folks who still use the telephone book to locate a local product or service — justification of my theory regarding print and web advertising  is supported by nearly everyone’s personal search habits. Who has time to browse a local paper anymore? Even if we have the time, most of us these days will choose the on-line version. Although I agree that reading the “paper” version of the newspaper is truly “a lost art.” Further I feel a certain sadness when realizing that the only purpose my phone book serves is to support the toddler who is sitting at my dinner table. Times  have changed and online advertising has replaced print advertising for the obvious reasons.

Face it, if you need to find a Doctor in Tampa, Google it, need Pet Supplies, Furniture or a Nail Salon, Google it (or Bing it, Yahoo it, whatever.) Need a Web Designer in Tampa, Google it.  As my 2 1/2 year old grandson says, “C’mon Peoples!” It just doesn’t make sense for any small business, no matter how small it is, to not have an online presence. Whether it’s a five page website or a 50 page website, it’s an advertisement that just about any business can’t afford not to have.

Search engine optimization and website content and updating services are highly affordable as well. In fact, we make it cheap and easy for Tampa bay business owners to obtain website design, SEO and website marketing services. It takes very little actually to boost your search engine ranking. Keep in mind, if you’ve recently hired a Tampa website design firm; be sure they develop your website with great content at the forefront.

For more information contact Bay Area Graphics & Marketing. We not only build great websites, we concentrate first and foremost on what it takes to build businesses online and off. We’re an affordable Tampa Web Design and Marketing firm and we’ve been growing businesses in the Tampa area since 2001.

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