Choices, Choices- Website Design & Marketing, Tampa

We recently asked a group of small business owners and entreprenuers who were seeking marketing services, what they consider to be the most attractive aspect of a Tampa area marketing and design firm.

Most small business owners most always searched for the most affordable Tampa area marketing services . A very small percentage however, opted to work with a marketing firm that had all of the glam and glitz of an NYC advertising giant. Those folks didn’t mind absorbing the costs of their website designer’s or marekting firm’s luxurious habits. Now, that’s not necessarily a bad thing because without those firms, smaller, more affordable firms would likely have more competition.

What if you’re the average small business owner or entrepreneur who is just starting a new venture or jump starting an existing business? I can only comment on website designers in the Tampa area, but I’m sure it’s the same all over. Small business owners that we spoke with, are looking for an affordable Tampa website design company and they want and need the following qualities that comprise the perfect graphics and web designer who has a proven track record in marketing small Florida businesses.

*Creative, Knowledgeable, Affordable, Reputable, Reliable
*Available, Flexible and Local Website Design and Marketing
*Freelancers  with a Stable Work History are Acceptable 
*Small Tampa Website Design  & Marketing Firms are Preferable.

How Did Most Tampa Business Owners  We Spoke With Choose a Website Designer or Marketing Firm?

With all of the choices available to the small business owner choosing usually boiled down to making one or two phone calls—then, it was generally hit or miss. Why?  Most small business owners, first have limited time and most know nothing about the website design or website marketing process. They don’t know what questions to ask or how to ask them. Many (most) ended up hiring “on the fly” and then end up spending more valuable time doing damage control 6 months later. Once they got over the shame of it, they had to start the process all over again.

We heard many website design and marketing tales and it amazed me how often small business owners, who had the best intentions, ended up with such poor service. From designers who didn’t know how to execute simple requests and poor customer service, to using freelancers who ended up ripping their client off—the stories amazed me.

Yet, you can’t judge that business owner because how many times have you, as a consumer had the same thing happen? I admit that I know zero about many things so when it comes time for me to “consume” I do attempt to research and compare prices.  But if I’m going to be honest, I have, against all better judgment jumped right into some purchases with “blind trust.” I don’t recommend it and I too have been disappointed after making such reckless decisions… but hey, it happens to the best of us.

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