Sluggish Economy Makes Way for Innovation

Have you or are you thinking of launching a new business in the Tampa area this year? Many people are contemplating starting new businesses despite the sluggish economy and in many cases have done so only after having been forced to find innovative ways to survive.

I’ve always been a “glass is half full” kind of person and I would like to believe that although some of us are facing devastating times economically my motto stands firm. “Where there’s a will there’s a way.” This applies to one’s desire to start a business based on natural talents and/or innovation.

I’ve spoken with a few people recently who share in my sentiment. Having recently experienced a layoff after having devoted all of their time and efforts to a company who seemed stable—like many were railroaded. To be let go with no notice and little or no severance they found out how deep their “will” ran. Despite their predicaments, these folks decided to rely on their talents and abilities to find niches that will not only help sustain them financially but some have realized that they are much happier than previously perceived! I was so impressed with their motivation that enabled them to move forward and to take a chance on a new endeavors. I’ve learned much about human resilience and how to look within to find the strength to embark on something new in the midst of a trial. It is admirable to say the least. It’s tough to start over and to begin new ventures. It can nearly suck the life out of you at times (if you let it) but nine times out of ten, there’ll be no regrets.

Most said the biggest challenge in starting over was determining what type of small business they wanted to build. With little money for start up costs they had to take a good look at their financial picture and allocate monies to areas that would bring forth the largest return. With a huge leap of faith these brave entrepreneurs decided to take what they had and first and foremost get a websites up and running. Surely it would produce the most favorable outcome in time. In other words, they were taking their business ventures seriously and—they had done their homework. Service based businesses don’t require much in the way of product or inventory so luckily, there is more to invest into marketing. Selling product can require more of an investment and you still have to be conscientious of maintaining reserves to market that product. The key was to limit the product initially, then build on your inventory as online sales increase.

What Every Small Business Needs, Bay Area Graphics & Marketing Has. Each one of the new small business owners recognized that they needed website design and graphic design services to start. Business Cards, Brochures and Postcards were next on their agendas and in small increments, they have obtained what they need to get off to a good start. With a lot of hard work and at times more faith they are succeeding. I know these new business owners will enjoy continued success in their local markets. Working for yourself is one of the most challenging yet rewarding experiences you can ever have even if you’ve been “forced” into it.

About Bay Area Graphics & Marketing

Bay Area Graphics&Marketing; offers affordable services such as website design, graphic design and other marketing services– and clients can make just one call to obtain what they need to get started or to jump start their existing small business. Not all Tampa website design firms cater to small businesses but we do. We keep our prices affordable for everyone.

We offer just about everything a business owner would need to get their dreams off the ground and to keep it thriving. From logo design to SEO (Website Marketing)—we’ve got you covered.
If you’re starting a new business give us a call, we would be glad to provide you with a friendly, comprehensive quote for services. If you need affordable website marketing or printing services for your existing business we’ll offer you fast, affordable and friendly service. Visit for more information.

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