Guide to Choosing a Website Designer in Tampa


cropped-bay-area-graphics-marketing-tampa-since-2001-copy.pngWith so many Tampa website design companies to choose from how do you know exactly which one to hire to accommodate your small business website design needs?

Well, the answer is to take time to do some comparison shopping. Hiring a reputable website design and website marketing firm in Tampa, one that is established and who can provide you with good references is a good first start. Other factors that you can look for are:

  • Cost of Website Design Services – Pricing plays an important role in your decision making process. Most small businesses have strict budgets and this applies to their website services.  However, choosing the “cheapest” website designer isn’t always the best idea and finding a middle ground is important. Often times, using a Tampa web designer whose prices seem too good to be true, will often end up costing you more money in the long run. Fixing a poorly developed website, or correcting mistakes that challenge your website ranking can end up costing a great deal more than you had planned. Hire a website designer in Florida who offers affordable website design services plus website marketing without forgoing quality.
  • Personalized Website Services – This is crucial. If a web design firm won’t take the time to answer any and all questions you have prior to hiring them, they likely won’t be good at corresponding during the process of developing your website.  Make a list of questions that you want to ask the prospective Tampa web designer. Some questions may be obvious such as the cost of the website, how many pages will be included in your initial design, overall functions and features or whether your site will include graphic design services if needed and if you must host your website with them. You may want to know how edits, updates and changes to your website will be dealt with and any future costs that might be involved.
  • Website Content – Other questions may concern the writing of your website’s content. Is the designer an experienced writer with a background in website marketing? Can they initiate a call to action when writing your web content including page titles and descriptions? You should inquire as to how many clients the firm handles at any given time and always ask who will be designing your website and that person’s experience.

One of the most important questions to a prospective Tampa web designer is regarding the website design firm’s customer service policy. It may sound trivial a very high percentage of customers who switch over to Bay Area Graphics & Marketing after having been with another web designer or website design firm in Tampa, have sited poor customer service as a top reason why they found a new company to handle their website design and SEO/SEM needs for their Tampa small business. Ask if (yes, I did say if ) who– and when you will be able to speak to your designer directly with requests and concerns about your website as well as their policy for response times when you do have questions. You may wonder what this has to do with a good design but, experience shows us that poor communication is directly correlated with poorly designed websites. Additionally, inquire as to a completion date, if one will be provided and guaranteed. These are just some questions that should be asked however you will also want to have your own list handy based on your personal needs.

Website Marketing is usually not at the forefront of most of our client’s minds until after their site is built. That is why we address this matter at the start of development. Unfortunately, many Tampa website design companies will build eye catching websites that are unfortunately lacking good content, titles and descriptions. Why is this important? A website must be more than aesthetically pleasing and it needs a variety of qualities to rank organically, in other words based on content and proper linking. We believe that utilizing proper development techniques that address the issue of ranking should be discussed and initiated from the start of your website design project. Additionally, we submit to the major search engines as part of your website design package and additional website marketing services can be included at an affordable price either at the time of service or after your site has been developed.

Lastly, always make sure your website design firm is willing and able to provide you with at least three solid references. Do not rely solely on testimonials and examples of websites they’ve designed (from their site) but real people that will provide you with information about the service that was provided by that particular Tampa area website design company.

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