Survive Black Friday, Buy Gift Certificates!

Bay Area Graphics & Marketing wishes everyone a very happy, safe and blessed Thanksgiving Holiday! Relax, take a breather from the grind, eat some turkey, watch some football (or not), take a nap– and my recommendation— watch Home for the Holidays for a good laugh. Then… get a good night sleep and get ready for Black Friday.
Honestly, I’ve never been brave enough, nor have I ever thought it a good idea to face the intense crowds (at 5 a.m. ) just to get a sale price for something. I prefer to shop all year for the gifts I intend on giving — Usually by July, my closet is overflowing with gifts that I’ve purchased (on sale) throughout the year. My last minute purchases consist of gift cards or gift certificates, however. I’ve always felt that gift cards were “impersonal” but, to my surprise, most people, including my family members, prefer gift certificates or gift cards over a gift that is useless, doesn’t fit, or otherwise never gets used.
Last year, Bay Area Graphics & Marketing offered Gift Certificates that can be used for all of our services, with the exception of printing services. We never expected them to be such a hit, and so we are offering them again this year. Most everyone knows someone who needs small business services. Whether it’s a family member who has their own business or even your Doctor, Dentist, Stylist or anyone who could use graphic design, brochures, postcards,website design or SEO services for their current website, then our Gift Certificates make a perfect, useful gift. Other picks for our favorite gift certificates— The list is large so we’ll just list a few– book store gift certificates, gift certificates for music, electronics, travel, spas and massage— and yes–even Target.
Visit for more information about our website and graphic design services. If you’re in the Tampa Bay area, we will even wrap your gift certificates up in a pretty basket for your gift recipient!
Happy Thanksgiving and Safe Travels From Bay Area Graphics & Marketing

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