The Good News Is? Bay Area Graphics & Marketing

I watched the news today (oh boy?) and wished I hadn’t (again.) But– like many others who are members of what I refer to as “The secret society of news junkies,” I just had to do it. And much like anyone with a vice–it felt good to indulge, initially that is. Then came the remorse.

I should have stuck to watching another episode of “The Deadliest Catch” or “John & Kate Plus 8” or just listened to the Counting Crows again but–I did not. Instead of watching the men on the Cornelius Marie pull in a record catch, I’ve been left with a sinking feeling that….

Everything is bad?

That’s my conclusion. With the exception of the piece on the “Potty-Whisperer” which was a bit odd actually, but the outcome was good. Seven kids pottied trained in one day. This lady is a freak of nature for sure but what a racket she’ll have! Yes, most of this mornings news was bad news–again. The economy stinks, gas prices are rising, Iran launched a test missile that could reach Israel without a hitch and we’re still in an overall economical decline. More bad things: Food prices keep rising and milk costs nearly as much as fuel, health care still stinks, and the unemployment rate keeps climbing. Foreclosures are at an all time high, people have way too much credit card debt and American children ARE being left behind—Well, we all get the picture by now.

The truly weird thing about all of this is that my Tampa area website and graphic design company is having one of the best years yet. I’m not quite sure why this is– although I have my theories. Many people have lost their jobs or are fed up with their jobs and are starting new and improved ventures. Others realized that they desperately needed to put the paddles to the heart of their existing business before it too becomes a statistic. We’re launching more websites for more new businesses than ever before. My company, Bay Area Graphics & Marketing offers a variety of services as well, and these same companies use us for their logo and graphic design needs as well as for printing of their marketing materials. Tampa clients launching a business website usually need logo design, business cards, brochures, presentation folders, postcards and banners. These can be obtained through Bay Area Graphics & Marketing. Organizations and local Tampa Civic Associations who depend on grants and donations are reaching out more to local Tampa businesses and corporations for help and are purchasing beautiful and affordable marketing materials and packages. More people seem to be dabbling in multiple ventures too, so our repeat business is fantastic. People appreciate our friendly customer service and enjoy the fact that they can obtain much of what they need by using just one company. They also really like the fact that we actually answer our phones from 8 AM to 8 PM (Big smile.)
From ad design to website design, hosting and printing, we can offer it all with just one call.
(Yes, the slogan is old and lacks creativity– but it’s true.)

With so much bad news (that I just HAD to watch) it prompts me to put things in prospective, first to remember to say a big “thank you” to my current clients. They are the heartbeat of my business and they provide me with a sense of hope in these tough times. Americans are still capable of putting their noses to the grindstone and the smart ones recognize that this is a new game. Businesses are coming together via creative networking and marketing and some have cut their costs to accommodate the sluggish economy. Although we’ve always structured our costs for services at a highly affordable level, we know some other businesses who need to do the same to stay afloat. But unfortuneatly if you don’t structure your business correctly from the start, your reputation will precede you. Since 2001, we’ve kept our prices for website design, SEO and graphic design at a reasonable rate knowing that in time we would build a healthy client base. Our reputation for quality business services that nearly every small business can afford precedes us.

We’re committed to excellent customer service as well. The pain we’ve experienced from poor customer service is always a reminder to offer the best service at all time under any circumstance. Poor customer service almost always sends a client packing. It does me, anyway.

All and all, it may be really bad news as a whole but, we can ALL make it better in our little corner of the world. Do something nice for your clients today to make a difference. Collectively if we start making better choices and initiate change in our own businesses, it might eventually cause a domino effect of “good” which in time just may trickle it’s way into my morning newscast. What a nice thought.

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